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The men in our lives

Present or absent, the men in our lives always occupy a significant place. Some of those places are filled with love, hurt, strength, unavailability, mentorship, discipline, the backbone to your life or fun in your day. He may be your reality check guy, the one that understands you too much, or not at all.

Regardless, their presence, or absence, is significant.

Do they know it? Do we take time and invest in that relationship? Have we invested too much? Do we regret lost moments or expect too much from future moments to come?

Father's day is bitter sweet for many people. Some men are under-recognised for their love and contribution, taken for granted because they have been the solid foundation upon which the relationship and family is built on. They have always been there, in whatever their capacity, but they often seem to go un-noticed, un-acknowledged to their true value. They are there. Always. Dependable. Taken for granted.

Until they are unavailable or gone.

Grief of a person, whether alive or departed, is that moment in time when we process all there was and all there is no more. Our hurt, our love, our wishes, our regrets, our shattered hopes and most of all, who we are in relation to that person. Grief is ultimately about us.

Living in the moment, acknowledging the positive, processing the less so, and... truly being grateful for all that the men in our lives have contributed towards our personal growth, be it water, manure or sunshine.

Happy Significant Man's Day in your life.

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